Transformations Photorealism in Thread

We are so varied in our ways of understanding. It is our interpretation that makes us creatively unique. Once a situation becomes a photograph, the real story has already shifted. When transferring it to textile, it changes again. Threads and colour are to a textile artist as words are to a writer and light is to a photographer.


Jan Frazer Artworks

This piece presents the immutable railway station (Gare Saint Lazare) juxtaposed with the sculptured station clocks. Together, these structures modulate the never ending comings and goings - the ebb and flow of time and travelers.

Jan’s quilting experience began more than 35 years ago in Knoxville Tennessee. Jan takes inspiration for her quilts from the natural beauty of her beach side suburb, from architecture, gardens and even art pieces in a gallery. Jan utilises a number of techniques in her quilt making, more...

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This exhibition explores the imagination and creativity of eight highly-acclaimed Textile Artists

Each was given a Reece Scannell photographic image on linen. There were no words, and the images were ambiguous. Their task was to create their own story through preferred mediums and textile applications.

Each has chosen different techniques to tell their tale. Each of these works says as much about the art as it does about the artist. As a photographer, I have worked on some amazing projects. I have been widely published and exhibited with many prestigious organizations. This has been one of the most fascinating and rewarding collections I have worked on to date.